About Bing


Way to Work

We work around the clock on our creative work. Guess we'll probably do the same on yours?

What's the Story?

We decamped the city and moved to the middle of nowhere. Then we built a studio and a farmhouse and a production studio. Then we took a rest. A short one. Come play with us...if you can find us?!

Who we are?

We're rural dwellers who enjoy the solitude of the north country, as we chase after our creative dreams. Skiing and hiking as well. Some farm stuff too. Organic food. A slow way of life. Quiet too. Unless we're listening to music!


Bingham Willoughby

Singer & Songwriter

Bing's the resident rock-poet.


Hurry Up Comfort Records

Recording Studio

We make music. In the wilderness.


Hatch and Holler

Websites and Design

Websites, design and social media. By artists, for artists.

What's next?

Get in touch to chat about upcoming projects or to find out about what Bing's up to. We don't get many visitors so don't be shy!